Pandemic Flu Preparation Kits and Hazardous Drugs Spill Kits
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The Spill Kit

Baxter Spill Kit

The content of the CRG / Baxter Hazardous Drugs Spill Kit is as follows:

2 x “Caution Hazardous Drugs Spill” Signs

1 x Instructions for correct use of Spill Kit

1 x Chemo Gown

1 x Pair Safeguard overshoes

1 x Pair Safety Glasses

1 x P2 Respirator mask

4 x Pair Chemosafe Gloves

1 x Hairnet

2 x Chemo Sorb Pads

4 x Towlettes

1 x Purple Cytotoxic Bag printed with “Cytotoxic Waste” - Incinerate at 1100oC

1 x White Waste Bag

1 x Plastic Scoop & Scraper

2 x Bag Tie

1 x 150ml Bottle of Water

1 x Incident Report Form

1 x Purple drawstring bag for transporting kit



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